Sunday, 6 September 2009

Green Hornet Movie

I haven't been updated since a long about this new Green Hornet movie. Well, there was nothing really worth till now... And it's hard to get enthusiast when you know that Seth Rogen got the lead role... Anyway...

So Stephen Chow who was set to save this movie from its mediocrity has been replaced by Jay Chou in the role of Kato. And they found a director with some skills, namely Michel Gondry (please don't swede the Green Hornet!)...

The cast is listing some surprising names too, with Cameron Diaz, (<-- update below) and Edward James Olmos (yep, Admiral Adama from BSG!). This farce of Green Hornet movie even has an official release date, it's scheduled for a release on 17 December 2010. That's quite ballsy knowing that Tron Legacy, aka Tron 2, will be released on that day too... You probably felt already that's I'm not much thrilled by that version of the Green Hornet. But today I found something that somewhat rekindles my interest: the movie has started to film and we get a few shots from the set, and a first look at Jay Chou as Kato. And I must admit, that at least, Chou does seem like he could deliver a great Kato:

OK, so Jay Chou behaves good as Kato, hurray! *Sigh* They're gonna much more for this Green Hornet movie to be interesting but I guess that's why they hired big names as a safety net!

Update: Nicolas Cage left the sinking boat, he's replaced by Christoph Waltz as the villain Chudnofsky


FT said...

that's not Jay Chou by the way, that's his stunt double.